Pomegranete (Punica Granatum)

extremely high antioxidant properties
Punicic Acid - Increase collagen production
Punicic Acid (Omega 5). This rare essential fatty acid is abundant in Pomegranate Seed oil which is the only known botanical source.
Omega 5 has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is a good antioxidant. It tackles free radicals.
Oleic Acid (omega 9) - reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles and fine lines
Linoleic Acids (omega 6) - moisturize, anti-inflammatory, promote moisture retention
contains PHYTOSTEROLS - boost collagen production, relieve skin of sun damage, promote growth of newer and firmer skin
contains Vitamin E
boost collagen production enhances skin elasticity. Nourish skin while offering soothing and protective properties